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Umbrella | quality umbrella, French made, luxury umbrellas

WOMEN's & MEN's umbrellas | EXCLUSIVE ! Leather umbrella, vintage umbrella, [double canopy + hidden-ribs] umbrellas and parasols.

Either used against rainfalls or for UV sun-protection, your umbrella is visible from far while opened. 

A beautiful umbrella highlighting French fashion trends may enhance both WOMEN's elegance and MEN's presence.

A sustainable umbrella evidences your refinement and distinction for many years. It may then turn into a widely visible and affordable fashion accessory.

What are YOU looking for? a colorful umbrella, a fashion umbrella, a classic umbrella, a stylish umbrella, a solid color umbrella, a printed umbrella, an original umbrella, a birdcage clear umbrella, a flashy umbrella or a black & white umbrella, a double canopy umbrella, a hidden ribs umbrella, a luxury umbrella, an exceptional umbrella, a Calais lace umbrella, a leather umbrella, a vintage umbrella, a customized umbrella

We design and manufacture umbrellas for all tastes and budgets. You are almost sure to find here the umbrella that best suits your style and your preferences.

AYRENS, a tiny craftsmanship HERITAGE company located in the DORDOGNE-FRANCE

Founded in 1868 in DORDOGNE-Perigord-France, AYRENS dedicates its know-how to meet your needs and its energy to manufacture umbrellas tied to Fashion and Trends. 

We kindly invite you to visit a wide universe of umbrellas. You may find high-end umbrellas, luxury umbrella at affordable price, EXCLUSIVE Prestige umbrellas and custom handmade umbrellas. 

31 lines showing 404 colors are available in this manufacturers’ E-boutique. Willing to see them NOW? The following links drive you direct to UMBRELLAS, PARASOLS, LUXURY UMBRELLAS and PRESTIGE customized umbrellas.  

Click here to watch a FRANCE3 AQUITAINE video in our workshops located in Dordogne - Perigord - France 

A tiny village of the Green Perigord-DORDOGNE-AQUITAINE-FRANCE shelters our workshops. We manufacture your umbrellas in the purest craftmanship tradition.
Over its 15 decades of existence AYRENS has integrated the codes and trends of French fashion, innovated and has adjusted its production techniques. Though we are a very tiny craftsmanship company, AYRENS has long been a reference in the umbrella business.

AYRENS is an early state-labelled "FRENCH HERITAGE" company (since 2009) as THE oldest French manufacturer of genuine luxury French handmade umbrellas and parasols.

Experience a French luxury umbrella at an affordable price on this manufacturer's online store.

Offer yourself (make you offer ...) an umbrella meeting the height of your requirements.

Click here to watch a video evidencing the sturdiness of AYRENS's umbrellas.