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Umbrella | French made! WOMEN's umbrella & MEN's umbrella

WOMEN's umbrella & MEN's umbrella, quality French made umbrellas, EXCLUSIVE umbrellas | Leather umbrella, vintage umbrella, Exception [double canopy - hidden-ribs] umbrellas and parasols. 

Either used against rainfalls or as sun-protection, your umbrella is visible from far while opened.

A beautiful quality umbrella showing-off French fashion trends enhances both Women's elegance and Men's presence.

A sustainable umbrella evidences for many years a profound refinement and distinction. It may then turn into a widely visible and affordable fashion accessory.

Founded in 1868 in DORDOGNE-Perigord - France, AYRENS dedicates its know-how to meet your needs and its energy to manufacture high-end umbrellas tied to Fashion and Trends. 

Circa 400 colors are available in this French manufacturer's E-shop.

Click here to view a video of our workshops located in Dordogne - Perigord - France 

WOMEN's umbrella and MEN's umbrella | a world of high-end umbrellas of luxury umbrellas and of prestige umbrellas and parasols.

AYRENS is an early state-labelled "French Heritage" company (since 2009) as is THE oldest French manufacturer of genuine luxury umbrellas and parasols.

Back in the early 60's AYRENS designed the very firstHaute-coutureumbrellas for the fashion industry.

Our workshop mostly employs craftswomen with deep know-how built on their very long expertise in the umbrella industry.

Click here to view a video showing the sturdiness of AYRENS's umbrellas