WOMAN's umbrellas | Must have & Grand Luxe, CALLISTO

CALLISTO umbrellas, ultimate luxury for WOMEN

This genuine French made luxury automatic-open umbrella is THE “Must Have” of luxury umbrellas.

It comes with a double canopy hiding the frame. This haute couture work is very efficient not only against rain but also against UV. The aircraft wing profile copes better with wind gusts.

Standard colors of canopies:

1 : External canopy = pure black / Internal canopy = pure black
2 : External canopy = pure black / Internal canopy = white
3 : External canopy = pure black / Internal canopy = red (tomato)

As shown on the photos external and internal canopies are both made of rainproof polyester pongee.
Option available (silk fabric).

The shaft and the handle are either:
Photo on the left  : metallic shaft and smoked maple wood handle or
Photo on the right: handcrafted as a single piece of solid maple wood from Siberia.
Options available (shaft & handle wood).

Personal identification available (engraved collars - 10 digits or letters maximum).

Ribs are made in ultra-light and flexible black fibreglass.

Canopy ø = 107cm                     Length = 91cm (from top of handle to end of ferrule)

The elegance of these AYRENS luxury umbrellas is enhanced by our exclusive visual signature hand-made from red soft leather (lamb).

  1. The runner is hand-sheathed.
  2. The removable round strap is hand-braided.
  3. The black pongee case is edged and reinforced with the same red soft leather.

These two AYRENS’ lurury umbrellas have been given both a soft-open and a signature sound, just like the doors of a prestige car. It can be heard while the umbrella opens after pressing the open-button. Gentle closure is strongly recommended.

These luxury umbrellas bear the unique identification number stated on the AYRENS certificate. This unique Id. number is laser-engraved on the red leather of the runner.

These luxury umbrellas are equipped with an anti-loss system in order to locate it worldwide by GPS using your smart-phone or tablet (you will be requested to download the relevant app for free ).

Most metallic parts are made of solid brass treated against corrosion. Some parts (tips, end of ferrule, plaque) may be customised.

Many options are available to design your own umbrella (silk, exotic or precious woods, identification number, collars...).

Each umbrella is delivered in a luxury gift box. An envelope placed inside contains both AYRENS certificate and useful tips to keep the luxury umbrella up and running for decades.

Our luxury articles are sold exclusively by AYRENS on this website. We deliver worldwide.

Below are stated the prices of our “standard” CALLISTO luxury umbrellas (excluding options taxes and shipment costs).

CALLISTO    9590    Must have for Women

from 325 € (excl. options taxes & shipment costs)

CALLISTO    9810     Women's GRAND LUXE

from 450 € (excl. options taxes & shipment costs)

You can view the main luxury umbrella or parasol features in the following news pages. 

You may also click here to access all colors & further details CALLISTO.

Each umbrella will be manufactured exclusively upon order including wishes & options agreed upon.

We need a minimum of 8 weeks after payment to ship a CALLISTO luxury umbrella.

Please do feel free to contact us for any request or comment.

Options : the main options available are stated below

External canopy = Polyester pongee                                 Internal canopy = Silk pongee
External canopy = Polyester pongee                                 Internal canopy = Silk - twill
External canopy = Polyester pongee                                 Internal canopy = Silk - wild
External canopy = Polyester pongee                                 Internal canopy = Silk hand-woven

Woods   Chestnut wood, Acacia, Olive wood, Mahogany, Cocobolo, King wood, Macassar Ebony, Mozambique Ebony, Tulip Wood, Bubinga (Kevazingo), Madagascar rosewood,  Bloodwood, Snakewood, Santos rosewood…)


Collars    customised engraving (10 digits or letters maximum)
old plated collar
olid silver collar

Mechanical parts   (End of ferrule, tips, plaque...)

old plated
Solid silver

Gold plated
Solid silver

Gold plated
olid silver


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