AYRENS |nearly 150 years of Exclusive French made umbrellas.

A French manufacture of luxury umbrellas and parasols, tradition and innovation.  

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Founded in 1868, AYRENS is the oldest French manufacturer of genuine luxury umbrellas and parasols. For nearly 150 years, we dedicate our know-how to meet your needs.  

Designer in the early 60’s of the very first “Haute-couture” lines for the fashion industry, AYRENS dedicates all its energy to conceive and to manufacture fashionable umbrellas tied to Fashion and Trends.  

Our umbrellas are made in France. Our workshops employ experts with solid know-how, built on their very long experience in the industry.

Workshops are located at Saint-Pardoux La Rivière, 20 km North of Brantome, Green Perigord, DORDOGNE in the heart of National Perigord-Limousin Park, FRANCE.


Such privileged location feeds our deep culture of tradition, authenticity, innovation and perfection and contributes to re-generate the creative spirit of our House.

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1868 : Mr PAILLARGUE, itinerant tinsmith moves from the Auvergne to the Perigord. Apart from its main business, tinsmith repairs and then makes umbrellas. 

1905 : Mr PAILLARGUE invites his nephew Leon MEYLEU with his wife, to join him in the Perigord. They perpetuate traditional business (tinplating, manufacture, repair of umbrellas) and later set-up a Department Store in NONTRON. 

1927 : Their son, Ciris MEYLEU, develops AYRENS which then evolves from a craftsmanship to a small industrial company specialised in manufacture of umbrellas.   

1962 :
Christian takes-over from father Ciris and pursues the route. In order to overcome the growing trend of imports from China (still under import quotas), he launches "Haute Couture" collections. Design is made by his wife Marie-Jose.   

1968 :
Christian MEYLEU builds-up a sales team to widely sell to domestic market.   

1972 : AYRENS moves from Nontron to Saint-Pardoux-La-Riviere still the current location of the workshops. 
AYRENS designs original and exclusive cuttings of canopies. This differentiation vis-a-vis competition enables AYRENS to own a range of 150 exclusive cuttings, duly patterned in order to protect them from counterfeiters.  

1985 :
The exclusive cutting designs (some of which qualified “works of art”) are acknowledged by European umbrella manufacturers (German, Swiss, Belgian, Spanish). AYRENS hence becomes their shaper and manufactures their high-end fashion lines.   

1990 :
Both the levy of import quotas and the opening of borders lead to massive imports from Chinaof weak quality at very low prices. 
This devastates the industry. 100 manufacturers were up and running in France in 1990. Today only 5 significant umbrella-makers are left. AYRENS is the sole remaining in the South-West.  The market share of French manufactured fashionable umbrellas shrunk like Balzac’s shagreen. This market share represents currently 2% only.  

1999 : AYRENS signs a licence with the famous TEXIER House, a French bag-maker
TEXIER web site, 

2005 :
Christian Meyleu already retired since 2004, plans to close AYRENS in June 2005 due to unsuccessful attempts to sell for years.The current shareholder closes the acquisition of AYRENS in-extremis mid-august with a plan to revitalize to develop and to drive AYRENS towards its 150th anniversary.

2006 :
AYRENS is supplier to boutique COLETTE-Paris- acknowledged worldwide as the very unique « Paris temple » for fashion and trends.

AYRENS signs a licence with GUY LAROCHE fashion House. 

2007 :
"MERCURE HEC 2007" trophy is awarded to AYRENS for its take-over of the old manufacture of high-end umbrellas.

2008 : “
Journal de 13h TF1” broadcast a report about AYRENS.  Watch report


2009 : AYRENS labelled "FRENCH HERITAGE" company by the French State. Read the News… 

AYRENS enters this prestigious narrow circle of corporate excellence. The “FRENCH HERITAGE” label is granted to French companies having "genuine and exceptional know-how and indisputable expertise” serving the “MADE IN FRANCE".  

As of December 2015, only 1200 companies are labelled "French Heritage" (ie: 2 out of 10 000).  

Among them, Houses as prestigious as LOUIS VUITTON, CHANEL, DIOR, HERMES, CELINE, LANVIN, GIVENCHY, KENZO, GUERLAIN, BOUCHERON, CHAUMET, BERLUTI, LESAGE, LONGCHAMP, REPETTO and other small and medium size companies contribute to the national and international reputation of French know-how.  

A reference for consumers and customers

The “FRENCH HERITAGE” label is a network of excellence for products “made in France” and a reference for consumers and customers who want to benefit from the services of a professional known for his respect of the state-of-the-art and his exceptional aptitude. 

2010 : AYRENS supplies to one of the prestigious worldwide leader of luxury goods LOUIS VUITTON MOET HENNESSY.  

2010 :
SAUVAGNAT based at Aurillac , European capital for umbrellas, becomes a sister company of AYRENS.

The buy-out of SAUVAGNAT, five years after the acquisition of AYRENS, highlights the willingness of our shareholder to maintain and to develop know-how, innovation capacity and manufacture of high-end fashionable umbrellas and parasols appealing to the acknowledged expertise of French workers in the field of luxury fashion accessories. 

2015AYRENS launches 5 EXCLUSIVES lines of WOMEN and MEN Prestige umbrellas. Most of these Exclusive umbrellas may be made "sur mesure" a lot of luxurious options being available . 


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